Will you join my kissing party?

by Lisa Jones |

KISS me. Please.

Here’s my party manifesto: I believe that communications should be simple. Easy to understand. And accessible for all.

Will you vote for me?

The principle of ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ may be politically incorrect, but I do my best to stand by it every time I write.

Reading and understanding takes time, effort and inclination. We can’t expect too much of the people reading our websites, newsletters or leaflets. Writing so that everyone can read and understand quickly and easily is more important and more difficult than ever.

It’s one of the reasons spottydog communications has been working with the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s Communication Network to help spread the message about simple communication. Our aim is to make communication better for people with learning disabilities but we’re also learning valuable lessons about making communication easier for everyone.

For example, Mencap has produced easy-read manifestos for each of the major political parties. They make it easier for people with communication difficulties to understand what each party stands for. But they are also good for everyone. In just 15 minutes I’ve read three party manifestos. I may not have grasped the nuances or detail of each party’s pledges, but I’m a lot more informed than I was before. Anyone who says they don’t have the time, the energy or the inclination to engage with party politics – take a look.

So was this blog simple enough to earn your vote? There’ll be kisses for everyone, I promise.