How To

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but how do you get it to reach thousands of people?

by spottydog communications |

Well apparently, all you need to do to reach the masses and achieve the holy grail ‘viral’ status, is take a picture of a messy New Year’s Eve in Manchester…

Some have put the success of this now infamous social media image down to its striking likeness to Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’, others think it was shared across the web because of the parody versions created. The most scientific explanation for the hugely shareable nature of the image though has come from those who believe it fits perfectly with The Fibonacci spiral and the golden ratio, making it ultimately pleasing to all who see it.

Luckily, I’m not suggesting that from now on all of your social media images need to be works of Renaissance Art in order to be successful.

Instead, here are some spotty top tips to help you see a surge in ‘shareability’ across your social media channels:

Be visually engaging: Simply by ensuring all images shared on your platforms have a strong composition, a bold and inspiring visual and a consistent brand message can result in a huge increase in click through and engagement.

Understand your audience: Taking the time to understand your brand’s audience, including their preferences and the times they are the most engaged and responsive online, is also a key part in ensuring your images are reaching your audience at a time they are willing and able to ‘share’.

Be relevant: With client Heritage Bathrooms, its audience want to see luxurious, aspirational and design focussed interiors that make them stop in their tracks, feel a pang of envy/lust and then share with others they know also have a passion for interior design. For Heritage Bathrooms we also share trends and ideas from other designers and sources, as well as Heritage’s own product shots, to ensure the channel has a variety of content and doesn’t seem ‘salesly’ which can turn people off from sharing.

Keep it brief: It’s proven that people digest images quicker than they digest text, and on platforms such as Twitter, the snappier your message the better. Utilise every posting opportunity by including relevant hashtags and back links, and wherever possible try to start a conversation with your audience.

And if all that fails, you can always try your luck taking snaps in your local City Centre of a Friday night or ‘periscoping’ a puddle…