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Should third-party influencers be ‘oblogatory’ for your brand?

by spottydog communications |

With more channels of social communication than ever before, getting a brand or product ‘out there’ is no longer the tricky part. The challenge is making sure it’s endorsed by the right person or publication and, in turn, received by your target audience.

Bloggers can be a great source of independent endorsement and an easy way to boost credibility – a recent survey showed that 80% of regular internet users read blogs at least twice a week and look to blogs before making a purchase or visiting a new place.

We love keeping everyone updated with our latest adventures and the work we do for our ‘paw-some’ clients, all documented in our spottyblog (if you can’t shout about yourself then who can?!)

But that’s not all… we know that getting the right blogger on board results in great wins for our brands, from Heritage Bathrooms to Baddeley Brothers and PitPat (which, coincidentally,  is up for a DARE award for best integrated campaign 2016. What did I just say about blowing your own trumpet?)

Here are just a few reasons to make bloggers ‘oblogatory’ for your brand:

Local or hyper-local/niche reach

Everyone loves securing a piece of regional or national coverage, spottydog most definitely included… but it’s important to recognise when a brand or product will benefit from a local or hyper-local reach. We do some great local blogger outreach for our client, Mitchells & Butlers, securing food review coverage for brands such as Harvester and Ember Inns – especially in areas that need a more targeted approach.

Read one of our latest blogger reviews here.

Local bloggers may have a smaller audience reach (we suggest a minimum of 1,500 twitter followers as a rule of thumb) but your brand or product will be promoted to a captive and relevant audience.

Authenticity & Credibility

Any blogger who’s earnt their stripes (and spots) within the blogosphere will give a true opinion, regardless of whether they receive payment. Always check out their latest posts to ensure their style of writing fits with your product and make a note of any ‘pet peeves’. Be prepared to accept that you can’t control the key messages of someone else’s blog but as long as you have confidence in your brand or product, then go for it – and build instant credibility!

Optimising social media

A blogger needs to showcase their writing and opinion as much as we need to showcase a brand or product, so it’s likely they will tweet or share a link to their blog post as well. It’s very rare to find a blogger who isn’t aligned to at least one other social media platform – and if they’re not, you might want to consider why.


Happy blogging!