Why I’m not ‘absolutely fabulous’.

by Lisa Jones |

Election fever is gripping the spottydog offices – and I don’t mean Hillary’s health or the Trump offensive. Closer to home, our Chartered Institute, the CIPR, is staging its national Council elections and the Midlands Group committee has again nominated me to continue representing members and help drive our industry forward.

So why should anyone vote for me? Because I’m not ‘absolutely fabulous’ – I practice real PR.

I believe in building relationships with stakeholders and I think the CIPR could benefit from going back to basics and doing more of this. Let’s start with the CIPR’s amazing network of experts and leaders who are helping to define the role of PR and promote professionalism. These Chartered Practitioners, Fellows and volunteers need a platform so they can work better together to help make a difference in their sectors and regions – giving the membership real value.

As a member of the Midlands Group for ten years, I saw how many times we found ourselves reinventing the wheel and how isolated our activity could be from HQ and other groups. During my year as Chair, we pioneered a joint event with a sector group successfully and became the first committee to commit to CPD. By working together with CIPR volunteers across the UK and internationally, I believe we can serve our members better.

As part of a working group while on Council, I have helped initiate a volunteer research project which should support better communication with volunteers and the wider membership, helping committees access shared resources, ideas and debate topics. This is an initiative that I would like to back during the next two years on Council and make sure that the voice of the membership is heard.

If you’re a CIPR member, please do lend a paw to support my campaign and if you would consider voting for me – now that really would be absolutely fabulous.