What we ‘spotted’ during Royal Baby Watch…

by Katie Bregazzi |

​​As if you hadn’t already heard, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William gave birth to their son this week and the whole world was on #RoyalBabyWatch. At spottydog we were no different; we too eagerly awaited the announcement and watched for the first glimpse of our future King’s head. But we also watched eagle eyed as the world’s marketing and PR companies had their fingers poised to release the Royal baby themed campaigns and stunts. Here are our top ten ‘spotted’ this week: 1) We’ve already taken to Twitter to declare our love for Air New Zealand’s efforts. With many a royal themed advert ‘flying’ around ‘Travel by stork is so last year’ gets our top spot. 2) Sticking with the bird theme, it wasn’t enough for the Times that the baby was delivered by stork, oh no: in the paper’s congratulatory advert the delivery is made by swan. How very regal. 3) A simple but perfect pun from Ryan Air or should we say ‘Ryan Heir’. 4) CocaCola’s ‘Share a Coke with…’ campaign has taken over the world recently with Facebook and Twitter timelines filled to the brim with people and their namesake drink. So, although it was expected, sharing a Coke with Wills and Kate makes the top ten. 5) Amidst the transfer window, Yeovill Town Football Club took to announcing their latest signing in true Royal baby style – with an easel outside the ground. 6) Whether we like to acknowledge it or not there are people out there that don’t have as much love for the country’s new arrival. Enter the Guardian, leading with the headline ‘Republicans turn away, Kate’s in Labour’ was a tongue in cheek approach – but the installation of a Republican button on the website that blocks any baby news is a smart move to drive online traffic. 7) Now for the daily bread: Warburton’s ‘one’s bun is done’ proffered many a snigger in the spottydog office. You could say we were ‘rolling’ with laughter. 8) Who doesn’t love a hair style on a baby made out of bubbles, so let us just draw your attention to Johnson & Johnson which fashioned a crown using soapsuds. 9) The BT tower is iconic in London, so using its LED screen to declare ‘it’s a boy’ to the rest of the city was a nice touch. 10) Finally but by no means least, B&Q managed to keep firmly on brand with the ‘unloved room’ theme from ‘Palace to Playroom’. They even offered their expertise for baby proofing – it’s worth a try.