What we learnt from the Consumer Electronics Show 2016

by spottydog communications |

What a start to the year. That’s right, not that you’d ever need an excuse to visit Las Vegas, but last week saw the start of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show 2017. A three-day event that surprises, wows, and brings together technology from all walks of life, this show receives coverage from all over the world.

So we were delighted that our client Binatone would once again be attending CES to showcase the launch of its next generation of products.  Having recently worked on the launch of its VerveLife & Smart Nursery ranges, it was great to see the introduction of the new HUGO and IVO smart home devices.

HUGO is the world’s first intelligent smart camera, featuring Alexa voice control and 360 degree video tracking movement.

IVO is a smart home hub that connects your devices in one place using the Hubble Connected app, compatible with most Smart Home devices.

Technology site CNET even caught up with HUGO to see how it worked…

So what were the top trends at this year’s CES 2017? Here’s our take on the headline hitters

“Listen to the sound of my voice…”

With tech journalists, bloggers and broadcast stations all looking for the ‘next big thing’, it’s apparent that ‘Voice Control’ will soon become the standard in most homes – something we heard about recently at the Leicester Business Festival during the E-Commercial Conference 2016. Amazon Alexa – which is integrated into Binatone’ s latest products – is leading the way in voice activated virtual assistants. Manufacturers are now making products voice-operable meaning that fridges, toasters, cars and robots are literally coming to life.

“Ground control to major-DRONE”

Drones have very much hit the consumer market but it’s likely they will play a more purposeful role. From driverless drones that could drive or fly us to our destination, to personal pocket assistants with facial recognition that means it can follow you, drones could soon be a part of our everyday life.

“Dad, I want the laptop with three screens…”

That’s right, Razer unleashed a prototype of its beastly three 4k display which boasts nearly a million pixels. The screens slide into the main monitor for easy story and adds a whole new dimension to working on the move.

Technology will continue to define our lives in 2017 and we can’t wait to see where it will take us. If you’re looking to get your tech in front of the people that matter, feel free to give us the dog a bone and drop us a line!