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What is the most commercially important Digital Marketing trend for 2015?

by Jo Crellin |

As we march through our third week in January, we’ve now settled into our shiny new office and have soaked up the barrage of news items and blogs on “Trends and Predictions for 2015.” This clickable headline is used for all subjects from interiors to technology, and of course Marketing and PR, always promising to give the reader the inside story.

But there’s one that we’ve seen quite a few times in the last few weeks…“Do you know what is the most commercially important Digital Marketing trend for 2015 ?” And the answer is…Content Marketing.

2014 was a great year for spottydog public relations with coverage in The Daily Mail, The Express, The Independent Online, and many more household and trade titles, but it was also the year in which Content Marketing became a firm fixture in our offering. An up-and-coming specialism, Content Marketing has found it’s place and was named a top area for marketing spend in Digital Trends for 2015, and we aren’t surprised.

This got us thinking about what we’ve learned about Content Marketing in 2014 and what we’ll do to do an even better job in 2015. So here are our top tips:

1. Don’t go crazy with Content Marketing software – there’s a plethora of software that can make your life easy when it comes to content planning, social media monitoring, content curation, email marketing, social analytics and more…but the important thing is not to spend too much time choosing one but using one. Pick one to start with but then commit to it and once you get stuck in, you’ll discover what’s right for you. Plus, many have a ‘light’ or ‘free’ option. So you can always change your mind.

2. ‘I love it when a plan comes together’ said Hannibal (from the A-Team – of course!) – and he was right. Content is King but who makes it happen? In a world of email, outlook alerts and bright shiny projects leaping into our daily work-lives, planning has never been more important. This year our planning is even more structured and it will go like clockwork.

3. Less is more when it comes to communicating on social media. It’s better to focus on consistent, quality content and build your niche audience. This will be the year we remember that creating more is not necessarily better.

4. Create great content – multimedia was hot property for 2014 and it holds true in 2015. Not least because consumers are more savvy about where to get information online. As the big online players get bigger, it gets harder to be heard, so you need to make sure what you say is really special. So this year, we resolve to make great content for our clients and share their stories in the right place and at the right time.

Sound simple enough? Well, we’ll let you know how we get on…