Wham! Have we got a spotty job for you…

by Katie Bregazzi |

Creativity is the key in the PR and content game, and as we get festive in the office I was inspired to write this. Please use your imagination; hear the faint strumming of a guitar and the dulcet tones of Wham – oh and if my rhymes are slightly askew let’s just put it down to being delightfully quirky! Tis the season to be jolly after all.

This Christmas
Let us give you a start
If you blow us away, you could start the very next day
This year
To save you from tears
Find a job that is really special.

Digital content and calling The Times
We do a happy dance
When we make The i
Tell me, job seekers
Do you want a challenge?
We’ve got one for you,
So come and surprise me

So please, wrap up your CV and send it
With a note saying, “hire me”
And mean it
Then I’ll know what talent I’ve seen
And if you call me now
I know you’ll wow me again…

OK so this is where I hand it back over to the professionals (you can check out the original hit here) and get down to business…

This isn’t a a conventional job advert granted, but here at spottydog we are on the hunt for two new members to join our pack. And, as the right pups for us will have bags of enthusiasm, creativity and initiative I thought I would demonstrate mine. We are passionate about our jobs, we are passionate about finding the right people and if you think you could take me on as spottydog’s master lyricist then we need YOU!

To find out more about the roles we currently have in our Leicester and Birmingham offices then head here. And if you think you’ve got a Christmas song to rival mine then tweet us @spottydogcomms or email talent@spottydogcommunications.com.