We’re having a scream

by Lisa Jones |

The sun rises over the spottydog barn and gently stirs the sheep, which stumble to their feet, blinking in the cold autumn light. They bleat nervously as eight terrifying figures approach the office door. A ghoul, a zombie, a witch and an evil queen reach for the burglar’s throat as the alarm is disabled. The computers glow with the promise of a thousand tweets. A caption fills the big screen: Howl-aween dawns at spottydog.

While our Halloween celebrations, and our birthday surprise for the boss, were worthy of an Oscar or an Emmy, this filmic intro is actually in honour of a new alliance – I’ve been invited to join the board of trustees at Leicester’s independent cinema, art centre and café bar, the Phoenix.

Keen to reach new audiences and build on its excellent digital engagement, the Phoenix is harnessing the passion, knowledge and experience of local arts enthusiasts to strengthen its offer to the people of Leicester and Leicestershire.

And my first task? Vote for my favourite zombie movie on Facebook. Good job I experienced life after an apocalypse on Friday, to help make up my mind. Next up, is choosing between an evening with Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet, or Matt Damon in the Martian. I’m guessing the team won’t need much ‘paw-suading’ to join me!