We heard on the grapevine…

by Katie Bregazzi |

Though my title may lure you in with its mystery, I unfortunately do not have any gossip for you worthy of the infamous MailOnline side bar, but what I do want to do is talk about that little media form we all love, video. You’ve heard of it? Good then I will begin…

It was a grey and rainy day in Derbyshire as I set out on my journey to Chester to do a day of exciting filming for client Heritage Bathrooms. Tasked with making four short videos for use across press, social media and the brand’s retailers – we set about working with our favourite Birmingham based filming team HTF Media. Unfortunately, though I have a penchant for telling stories, (the fact I can’t enter BBC Radio 2’s 500 words competition still saddens me) I have to cut my story short as what we filmed yesterday is top secret – shhh!

A tease I know, but what I can say is that I love creating, filming, and directing video content that gets to the heart of what makes an audience ‘click’. As I was going through this thought process, it got me thinking just how many new video platforms burst onto the scene every day.

Most interestingly for me was the recent launch of Vine for Kids, targeted at children under five. The channel combines animated characters and animals doing funny things and cute sound effects to keep their attention. It might seem strange for a company to target such a young audience, but the new app is a clever move from owners Twitter to make sure it’s grabbing its audience at an early age – and making sure they transition from the fun app, to uploading their own Twitter video – which is also coincidentally currently being rolled out.

For me, this poses the age old question that if in this past week two new video platforms have been launched – then how can you future proof your video collateral for a new platform that is around the corner tomorrow. Considering its length, audience and style are still important but for us it’s far simpler than that. Get your content right and your quality strong – you can then work with experts to shorten your video at any time and top and tail it for different audiences – but the content is key to making it perform as a top dog.