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Video – it’s all about FOMO

by Jo Crellin |

If 2016 was all about the increase of video consumption, then 2017 takes that prediction and raises it by five. If you consider that one third of all online activity is spent watching video, this isn’t hard to imagine. As we stream our favourite shows, children aspire to be YouTubers and moving ‘moments’ are the new selfies, in today’s online world, video lets us be part of the story, just a little bit better than a photo does.

At spottydog our clients have also highlighted these trends, video became one of our most requested services in the last quarter of 2016 and here’s why we know video will dominate content plans in 2017:

Harvey the Rabbit on Facebook Live at The Skills Show 2016

The social media giants are paving the way
How many Facebook Lives did you watch over Christmas? You can’t have missed the intense ad campaigns on TV and even the Tube and it seems FB Live workouts are 2017s answer to celebrity fitness DVDs. As Facebook take on Google for broadcasting voice, they are making it more accessible and it’s so easy to do. Cue Instagram Live launched in December and let’s not forget its big cousin Periscope.

Disposable content is ok
10 years ago new mums were saving their children’s pics all over the internet like manic stamp collectors, saving every precious moment for all to see. Today our phones are full, our timelines are clogged and we realise that we didn’t need them all. That’s why Snapchat is great, it recognised that no-one needs to keep all those moments but that we still want to share them. The equivalent of passing notes in class, we’ve realised it’s ok to share video and then let it go. We don’t have time for documentaries, we just want to share a smile.

Great video is a skilled craft
No-one talks about going ‘viral’ anymore. One hit wonders do happen but they’re not as accidental as you think. Hits are crafted, polished and brands are recognising that to succeed you often need to oil the wheels using a combination of advertising and good old-fashioned media relations (what marketers have coined as influencer outreach). And if you think about the one hit wonders, like one of the most popular memes of 2016, they all started with a great idea.

Video is part of the marketing conversation
From selfies spawned v-elfies. I made that one up, but in short we are noticing that our clients understand that there are different video types. A Facebook Live is ideal for improving customer perception of your brand, a branded video provides a polished persona, news video can be provided to journalists, vlogging makes you sound like an expert and Snapchat stories help consumers to feel in the moment. Choices must be tailored but it works, the best thing about digital is that it’s all trackable and measurable. We know there will be more of this.

But the Fear Of Missing Out is what drives it all; video content allows us to sneak a glimpse into that party we couldn’t go to, the corporate event we couldn’t get the budget signed off for or simply the Joe Wicks workout we just couldn’t get out of bed for. That’s human nature and video is helping us silence that fear – we know that brands will make the most of this in 2017.