How To

Utilising media lists to discover more opportunities for PR coverage

by Oliver Kirby |

It’s one of the greatest feelings you get when working in PR, checking the media and seeing your story right there in all its glossy glory, then hearing your client’s delight that people are hearing about what they’re doing. You can’t beat it! It’s what gets us into the office every day and it’s why we love what we do for a career. But how can increase the client’s satisfaction? How can you turn that smile into a high five!?

Well, you might not get a high five from your client (sorry to break it to you), but if you take a little bit of extra time and effort when it comes to selling their story, then that smile may just grow a little wider.

So, what PR wizardry is needed to create a winning client grin?

There’s one simple tactic, especially when applied to local sell ins; expanding your media list. The media list is one of the most important tools at your disposal, as it establishes what coverage you could accomplish. It’s fair to say that your client might want it in the local paper or on the paper’s website, and while this is an important target – with potential to reach the most people – when you send back your coverage report at the end of an activity and it reads; ‘one item of coverage achieved,’ that doesn’t sound all that impressive!

Anyone can find out the title of a local publication, but to achieve maximum coverage results it takes some digging. Finding smaller, local news sites, getting in touch with local bloggers and influencers, or getting Facebook based news pages, business titles, local newsletters and listings pages to publish your story will take more time to locate and approach. However, the results you’ll be able to share with your client when you’ve achieved three, five, ten, twenty items of coverage looks a whole lot more impressive than just the one.

By spending a little extra time on researching you’ve not only increased the number of people likely to be talking about a client’s product, event or achievement, but you’ve also dramatically boosted your PR street cred in that client’s eyes. Who knows, maybe you’ll get that high five after all?