How to trust you’re working with a quality communications agency

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Trust us – that’s the message we’re helping many of our clients communicate. As a communications agency, we’re here to help clients grow their reputation, engage with new customers and deliver the key messages that communicate the compelling reason to buy or use their business.

But when you’re working with a communications agency, how do you trust that we’re experts? And what’s our compelling reason to help clients understand that they can trust our expertise?

In truth, trust must be built. It can’t be bought, manufactured, faked or spun even by the best (or actually the worst) PR practitioners.

Third party endorsement from a trusted source provides an important indicator of pedigree, and as a top dog in the PR industry, naturally we’re proud to have recently been reaccredited by the Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA) for achieving the Communications Management Standard. To achieve our industry quality standard we had to be rigorously assessed against 150 items of criteria across leadership, business management, financial, people management, diversity, campaign management and client satisfaction. It means that our clients know that they’re working with a business that’s committed to delivering a professional service, with consistent management processes focused on delivering against agreed KPIs.

We’re delighted to have been re-accredited for the third time running and to receive such glowing feedback:

Carol Magill, CMS Assessor, said: “Well done to spottydog communications for retaining their CMS accreditation. During the assessment I found that client management was especially strong within this agency with detailed tracking of KPIs (on social media) in place across all accounts and the use of qualitative feedback via a health check. In addition, the appraisal and future performance process, evidenced a balanced focus on leadership skills, as well as technical competences. On diversity, this agency clearly reflects upon this issue at a senior level, and makes use of PRCA statistics in benchmarking.”

What does our accreditation mean for our clients?

  • It is proof we operate a well-run business with all the correct systems and structures in place.
  • It demonstrates to our employees that we have a real commitment to their development.
  • You can have peace of mind that you are buying a professional service from a PR and communications company that is committed to excellence.

With over ten years in business we’d also encourage clients to trust the data. We’ve chalked up 23 industry awards, 76% client retention and 38% of clients working with us for more than five years -and longstanding client relationships are the best indicator of trust in our ability to deliver! So, trust us when we say, we really are experts.

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