Is there trust in your workplace?

by Alissa Burn |

Do you trust your employer?

It’s not a question that often gets asked in the workplace. From my experience working in internal communications, I believe it’s rare to see an employee engagement survey ask staff to reveal how much they trust their company.

Yet we rely on our employers for our livelihoods and many of us spend five days a week working for them. In an age of social media, we may well be publicly associated with the business we work for and actively advocate for them too. This means there’s a direct link between the reputation of the company we work for, and how we’re perceived ourselves.

It’s clear that trust can underpin brand reputation, employee engagement and the overall success of a business. That’s why at spottydog we want to further investigate this crucial aspect of the employer/employee relationship.

We have questions. Questions like:

  • What does trust in the workplace mean?
  • Whose responsibility is it to create a working culture based on trust?
  • How do you build, maintain and promote a trusting relationship with employees?
  • What do you do if trust in the workplace is broken?

To explore these further we hosted a live audience podcast event, featuring a panel debate between leading communications and PR experts. The recording is available here, so be sure to take a listen, or take a look at some of the advice and insights that our panel discussed on Lisa Jones’ blog post.