How To

Top Tip: Think About KFC Before Writing Copy

by Katie Bregazzi |

I have been tasked with writing this blog, a ‘How-To’ on writing engaging and exciting copy. You might think that’s easy right? I’m going to give you my introduction into what I’m going to talk about (see above), I’m going to give you ten bullet points on what you need to do and then I’m going to encourage you to visit my website – piece of cake (chocolate preferably).

But then I got to thinking, and I know you, the spottyblog readers and you’re not actually going to engage with a sea of text heavy bullet points on a page. And that my friends, is actually tip number one – know your audience.

OK, so it might have taken me a while to give you my first piece of advice, but along the way you got to appreciate my hilarious sense of humour, coupled of course with my modesty, and in doing so I have hooked you into my literary journey – tip two! Once you know your audience, get their attention to keep them reading.

But how do I keep you reading? Well actually that’s just it, I want you! By using the second person, it’s like I’m talking directly with you (yes you the one dropping HobNob crumbs on your keyboard as you read this) making you feel loved, involved and a part of the spottydog world.

As we are getting along so well, how about some KFC? No I’m not inviting you on a date with the Colonel, that is the thought process I went through before writing this, and I will let you into a secret, I knew before I got here that this would be my ending. So aside from leaving you craving some fried chicken, what do I mean? Well as the writer, I have carefully planned what I want you to Know after reading this blog, what I want you to Feel and how I want you to Commit.

So have I succeeded in my mission? Have I given you a ‘How-To’ on writing engaging and exciting copy? You tell me, tweet me @spottydogcomms or write a post on our Facebook wall and tell me exactly how many tips are in this post (some are hidden), if you get it right there may just be some spotty cookies in it for you!