Our top spots from the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2018

by Jo Crellin |

Every year, enterprise leaders, start-up founders and the digitally minded wait with anticipation for the findings from Mary Meeker’s Internet trends report direct from Silicon Valley.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to flick through the slide deck here, we thought we’d let you know which juicy stats set our tails wagging and wanted to share them with you in our our aptly named doggy bags (take aways) below. We always find the report insightful and we hope they will provide you with a few tasty nuggets that you can use in your communications.

Spot 1: The online market is saturated so growth comes from reducing friction

Having reached 50% internet penetration globally, finding new customers and growth is much harder. However, the research shows that consumers are looking to make life easier and reduce friction. For example with dramatic growth of messenger apps and also mobile payments as well as digital currencies emerging, we can see that friction is declining.

Doggy bag: When it comes to communicating, it’s our job to ensure that we make the most of messaging apps and that we can strategically drive home the message of reduced friction, simplicity and improved user experience for all our clients who operate online.

Internet Trends Report 2018 Simplicity

Spot 2: Google personalisation queries have increased 

The research shows that Google personalisation queries are on the increase, with consumers searching ‘for me’ (60%), ‘should I?’(65%) and ‘near me’ (900%) during the period 2015-2017. In addition, personalised data and AI improvements have provided excellent predicatability of many services e.g. the way spotify understands your preferences and actually introduces you to new music.

Doggy bag:  Personalisation should (even more than before) be at the heart of any campaign especially when working with paid for campaigns such as Facebook or Snapchat advertising. Consumers appreciate this and are more likely to engage without apprehension.

Internet Trends report growth in Google personalisation queries

Spot 3: Online consumers only protect data when benefits are not clear 

In the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica and GDPR UK consumers are much more clued up about data privacy, and the social media giants have significantly improved how they communicate on this. However, the good news is that there are some realms in which people hand their data over without any concern (see spot 2) and as long as the brand is trusted and benefits are clear, there is no hesitation.

Doggy bag: With the right trust, we’re happy that email marketing is alive and well. It’s our job to use our PR skills to use influencer marketing to provide authority to our client’s perceived value as well as get them featured in the press.

Internet Trends Report consumers share data for benefits

Spot 4: 2018 sees a huge increase in online learning

With 1 billion daily video views for learning and 70% of viewers using YouTube to solve hobby and work problems, the internet is providing people with the tools to improve themselves. There has even been an increase in employees undertaking online training in the last 6 months.

Doggy bag: Long-form content has its place especially when it comes to learning. As experts in copywriting, especially on complex areas, we have experienced this trend first-hand. Our clients who have remote workforces have invested in training content, especially in video formats. As content producers we are enjoying tapping into this trend for our clients.

Lifelong learning trend in Internet Trends Report 2018

Spot 5: Amazon is great for product search but social media leads discovery 

Search trends show that product searches start with Amazon more often than Google. This is a development that stems from their excellent user experience, however it’s interesting to note that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google are still very influential.

Doggy bag: As content producers we need to make compelling content for our clients that is clever. By building brand and product authority on owned and influencer channels, we can contribute to sales.

Social Media leads product discovery over Amazon - Internet Trends Report 2018

Spot 5: Voice is a refreshing content opportunity

The adoption curve for Amazon Echo is impressive and thanks to developments in machine learning word accuracy, ease of use and reduced friction for purchase and information, it’s clear to see the opportunities here.

Doggy bag: Getting to the top of Google and Amazon is key for being featured in Alexa’s chat but we see the opportunities in content types other than products and services. News, commentary, opinion and learning content are all ways that brands can influence consumers. Watch this space!

Amazon echo installed base Internet Trends Report 2018


Technology has experienced rapid growth even in the last year and as we enter a saturated internet market, the big players continue to grow but thankfully they are being challenged every day with agile start ups who can offer the personalisation that consumers & workers require.

Marketers need to remove friction and shouldn’t be afraid of data collection as long as it’s done right. Our predictions are that amazon dominance in a field other than product search is only months away and Amazon Skills are a great area to focus on right now if content marketing is your thing. Focus on voice, focus on content for lifelong learners and focus on aiding discovery, these are all things that make your brand’s communication magically human and inspiring.