Five reasons why influencer marketing should be part of your communications strategy

by Maddy McCrann-Smith |

Influencer marketing is the practise of working with well-known people – such as celebrities, bloggers and social media personalities – and utilising their influence over their fans and followers to promote your service or product.

With 68% of brands stating that working with influencers has proved to be effective for their marketing efforts, it would certainly seem like a missed opportunity not to try to capitalise on the huge benefits that brand/influencer collaborations can achieve.

As an award-winning PR agency, we’ve been lucky enough to work on several influencer marketing campaigns, with both micro and macro influencers. Not only do we enjoy partnering with fantastic bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers through this work, but we’ve been delighted to see the difference it can really make incorporating it into your communications strategy. So why work with influencers?

It can be a great opportunity for content marketing

We know that content marketing is a valuable part of a digital marketing strategy, but it’s worth remembering that influencers are, for the most part, content creators. It’s their job to create great content – whether that be in the form of blog posts, videos, or images for Instagram.

Influencers make engaging content all the time, tailored specifically for their following, and if you choose the right influencer, you’ll directly reach your target audience. The content that they create can be used for your own brand social media pages. For example, fast fashion brands such as BooHoo, Missguided and PrettyLittleThing regularly repost content that has been created by influencers.

BooHoo influencer Instagram post

Generating more great content can never be a bad thing, and it always looks more impressive when it’s somebody else talking about your brand.

Influencers have authority

Influencers are called that for a reason; they are the experts in their fields, whether that be fashion, sport, entertainment, food and drink etc., and they hold a significant amount of influence over the people who follow them for this expertise. People trust their judgement – as long as influencers are authentic and honest. Users appreciate that influencers will only work with brands that they do use and like, meaning that if you’re featured by an influencer, your brand authority becomes much more significant.

Influencers know their audience

A good influencer knows their audience, and have a great insight into the kind of content that their audience will engage best with. If you do your research and approach the right kinds of influencers, their target audience will probably align with your own. This means that the content they create on your behalf will be on-brand and tailored to the right people.

Authenticity & trust

Most influencers start from humble beginnings and grow because of their authenticity. For example, Mrs Hinch – the cleaning sensation who’s taken Instagram by storm recently – gained a huge following in a short amount of time because she was showing a genuine love of cleaning; she did not start her Instagram by deliberately trying to get a following. This authenticity is key for influencers and brands alike, as it’s the main thing that drives the influence behind their recommendations to their followers.

Influencers have to be honest about what they post due to ASA laws which require them to disclose when they are being paid to promote a product or service. This means that their audience is aware of when they are being advertised to, but they can still create content which is bespoke to their audience, meaning that they don’t appear ‘salesy’ or overly promotional.

The biggest benefit for building partnerships with influencers is creating loyal brand ambassadors to represent your product in a way that your audience will most trust and identify with.

Increasing your return on investment

The benefits of influencer marketing extend further than just awareness with audiences, influencers also drive sales. They are typically not very expensive and generate around $6.50 for every $1 spent in influencer marketing. This impressive ROI figure shows the popularity of influencer marketing and the impact it has in terms of investment.

Still unconvinced? Take a look at some of the influencer campaigns we’ve worked on to see just how effective they can be:

  1. Making waves for Heritage Bathrooms by working with FleurDeForce
  2. Thousands of video views for Vintage Inns by working with Jodie Forbes
  3. A successful brand awareness campaign for Just Vitamins by working with Rhiannon Lambert

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