There’s no ‘i’ in Team – the spottydog media diet

by Jo Crellin |

​We all do it, first thing in the morning or perhaps last thing at night. Some of us like to show off about it while others prefer to do it in private….That’s right, I’m talking about catching up with the news. What were you expecting? With the recent Communications and Marketing report from Ofcom stating that we spend more time using media and communications than sleeping it makes me wonder where everyone’s getting theirs from.

At spottydog it’s our job to keep up-to-date with latest news but with only 8 hours in a working day and a variety of publications that we access for our clients, we need to be smart when it comes to sharing what we’ve read. Not to mention the dangers of Google & facebook’s filter bubble which ensure that our search results are defined by our browsing habits, so we want to make sure we don’t miss a thing. Whilst there probably is ‘an app for that’, our sure & simple solution is to use an editorial calendar; a sort of team pocket or Evernote list. Every day, each spottydog sniffs out the most interesting stories we see in our personal media feeds. We save what will be interesting to us and our clients and then decide what we’ll share on our social pages. After that, the designated editor-in-chief chooses the posts for the spottydog social channels and the rest is saved for our clients. Simple. Our approach means our team shares knowledge and everyone learns a little more about our neighbour’s filter bubble. So what are we reading then? Thought you might ask that.

Here’s a little peek at what we read today…

Jo: I consume the majority of my daily media online: Today I had a smattering of news: BBC news world, Mail Online, The Guardian, Le Journal de 20H, a sprinkle of Tech news: Techcrunch, Mashable, Wired, a sensible helping of Econsultancy, SEJ and Content Marketing Institute and for dessert after work, I’ll have some juicy Colossal, Brain Pickings and the Artful Parent.

Emily: Although, like Jo, I consume most of my media from the internet, from places such Techcrunch, PR Examples, Daily Mail, the tech sections of The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, The Drum and Mashable, I’m also one of the small majority of people who make a trip to the shop for a daily paper. I spend a few minutes each morning browsing The Daily Telegraph newspaper for some exciting stories we can share with you all!

Katie: I’m normally an early bird so it only seems right, like my namesake, the first place I head is Twitter, don’t be fooled that’s not my key source – but for devising content and getting ideas to see what is in the world’s head in the form of the trending # is a good place to start. Other than that I tend to bit a of a switcher, and I must be a nightmare for Rajar figures, on my daily commute I switch between BBC radio 1, 2 and 4 – other than the obvious difference in style in their news reporting, I find it interesting to see where a top news story on one falls in the other or not at all. The i, is my favourite newspaper, The Drum is my favourite online and as much as I’m trying to get into Good Morning Britain – I’m still a BBC Breakfast gal.