The spottydog team brings ‘home’ a new client

by Katie Bregazzi |

​Now we don’t like to ‘shower’ ourselves with too much praise, especially this early on in the year, but we’ve started our 2014 by ‘tapping’ into a new client. We are wondering how many more clues we need to shoe horn in before you guess the nature of our new client – so instead of ‘overflowing’ this blog with puns (and risk sending our reputation down the ‘plughole’) we’ll just tell you it’s Heritage Bathrooms. With a series of important developments planned for Heritage Bathrooms in 2014, we’ve been tasked with helping to grow the company’s brand presence. Through our extensive knowledge of PR, social media management, digital and website activity we’re looking forward to not only getting people reading, but talking, liking, sharing and clicking to Heritage Bathrooms – which you lovely lot can do here.