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The evolution of People Promises

by Alissa Burn |

People Promise. Employee Value Proposition.

Whatever you might choose to call them, with warnings of skills and labour shortages forever in the news, these are crucial to UK organisations that want to attract and retain the best talent.

A company with a top-notch example that is helping them to stand out is our client Mitchells & Butlers. As part of our work looking after an interim internal communications position, we’ve been supporting them in finding creative and engaging ways to cascade their People Promise internally.

Their People Promise is an explanation of what is unique and special about Mitchells & Butlers’ offering as an employer, based on feedback and insights from their people about what they value the most.

This month their recruitment team have been holding immersive sessions for colleagues to bring the Promise to life. The sessions were brilliant (if I do say so myself) – clear to understand, engaging, and with plenty of opportunities for those attending to provide comments and suggestions.

An excellent spread of coffee and cakes helped to energise the room, but the lively discussions that took place were due to much more than that!

It was inspiring to hear the team explain that their People Promise, unlike their company values, is not set in stone. To be meaningful, a company’s offering to employees should always reflect them and their needs. What people value most in their jobs has changed over the decades and will continue to evolve along with wider trends in the job market, so an EVP needs to be adaptable. For instance, flexibility has become increasingly important to a more diverse workforce, that as well as millennials now includes more mature workers and those with caring responsibilities.

Another aspect that resonated with the room was discussing how everything included in the People Promise had come from their employees. That meant it was building on things that the company already does well, not trying to start from scratch. Acknowledging the specific behaviours that make the company great means that their teams can feel empowered to continue to do what they do best, as well as being reminded why they can take pride in where they work.

This is what a modern, successful People Promise should look like. One that has been designed with input from the people who will live and breathe it, so that they can understand and value the commitment their employer has made to them.

Discussing Employee Value Propositions is becoming increasingly common around the HR, recruitment and marketing team watercoolers. If you’d like to chat with us about how we can help you communicate yours and find advice on how to build your communications strategy, please get in touch.