The ‘Bond’ between me and continuing professional development

by Katie Bregazzi |

They call me Bregazzi, Katie MCIPR, CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner – Bregazzi. OK so it might not quite have the same ring to it as the legend that is 007, but armed with my new accreditation I would argue that I now have a license to ‘fill’ (column inches).

I jest, but having recently completed my CIPR CPD programme for the second year running, I have received my Accredited PR Practitioner status – and not only do I feel inspired to share this with you via a Bond-themed blog, but I also feel really proud.

It’s part of what we know in the British education system, that we learn new things year in year out. Then, we get a qualification and at that point the learning ends we are qualified (on paper).

But would Bond accept a gadget from the last film just because it works? No, he works with his team, he gets Q to research, read, attend workshops, create – until he feels confident, that going into his next mission, he is at the top of his game.

The continuous learning in the world of PR, communications and digital content is what excites me about my profession the most, but you have to want to learn it. Your future is in your hands, and I would encourage any PR’s to commit to the CPD programme that the CIPR offers. Not only do you get a snazzy certifcate that gets framed and put on the wall of the office (think of the joy that getting your picture put on the fridge brought) but you learn new skills, cement what you already know, inspire new people, get inspired, make new friends, impart wisdom to your team and grow as a PR consultant.

In the spottydog communciations office we call this the spirit of adventure, I suppose 007 would say he goes above and beyond the call of duty. But what is the similarity between me and Mr Bond really? We both want to complete our jobs to the highest standard, and use new tools we have at our disposal to make sure that happens.

Now if only I could deploy the anti-ageing system which seems to have kept Mr Bond looking so fresh since the first film in 1962.

To see the video of me opening my certificate visit the spottydog Facebook page, or to ask me any questions about the CPD programme tweet me @spottydogcomms.