by spottydog communications |

More and more brands seem to be using their social media channels as a place to show their “human” side, a place where they can have a more relaxed persona and get closer to their customers day to day.Tesco on the other hand has taken this one step further. Through reactive and hilarious Twitter and Facebook activity this week, the supermarket has made headlines in the Metro, The Huffington Post and even the Independent, and probably made a few peoples’ days too.

Reactive PR is nothing new. The likes of Snickers and The Salvation Army both had brilliant quick-thinking viral posts earlier in the year which showed us all how to perfectly utilise the trick of piggy-back PR. In response to huge news stories including the Jeremy Clarkson sacking and (who could forget) #TheDress, these brands’ low cost campaigns became temporarily synonymous with the media frenzy and whipped up a huge amount of buzz overnight.

However, Tesco has never really been known for its ability to laugh at itself, to take PR risks, and definitely has never been one of those brands that feels particularly “down with the kids”.

So for it to so skilfully and unassumingly wade into the Drake rap debate which had twitter alight for the past couple of days, achieving tens of thousands of retweets, favourites, likes and shares (after already gaining over 80,000 shares for its genius response to one customer’s rather rasher response to missing bacon) it seems perhaps they’re putting more meat into its social media management.

So, it looks as though Tesco’s latest tactic is less about reputation or traditional selling, and more about satire and whilst divorcing from an existing and well-known brand identity in this way can be a risk, it has been one that has certainly paid dividends this week.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled on the brands channel as it continues to shake off that professional and corporate image on its social media platform -we predict Tesco will continue with more hilarious headline-grabbing posts, showing us all when it comes to achieving coverage, “Every giggle helps”.