Rachel Sharpe

Rachel Sharpe

Digital Marketing Manager

As spottydog’s Digital Marketing Manager, Rachel is responsible for the planning and management of digital marketing efforts on behalf of our clients. She works strategically to raise brand awareness and drive website traffic and conversions through a combination of social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and PPC. She also delivers social media training to clients looking to improve their own social media management skills.

Since joining spottydog communications, Rachel has worked with a multitude of different clients across a wide range of sectors, gaining experience in PR, social media and content creation. Spending time working across multiple facets of the business has provided her with a deep understanding of how all of our communications services work in tandem to create successful, award-winning campaigns for our clients. 

As well as being on the ball when it comes to digital innovation and finding new ways to get client messages in front of a digital audience, Rachel has a passion for all things creative. Whether she’s writing her own novel, producing videos for her personal YouTube channel or finding the perfect meme on social media, she loves exploring the world of digital content and sniffing out new opportunities. 

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