Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts

Founder & CEO

Rachel has been working with PR & Communications for twenty years operating as a PR consultant in-house for Yellow Pages and Cancer Research UK and within the consultancy sector at Jackie Cooper PR, Grayling and now spottydog communications.

Across her career Rachel has worked with a variety of clients including Mitchells & Butlers pubs, Motorola, Advantage West Midlands, McDonalds, Bullring, Heinz, COI, Department for Culture, Media & Sport, Department of Health, Nuffield Hospitals, Marstons, Pitcher & Piano, the NHS, Proctor & Gamble brands, Becks’s bier and cahoot bank.

In 2010 Rachel founded spottydog to provide clients with a communications practice that can cut through the media and digital landscape by creating content that gets people reading, talking, clicking and connecting to their brands and organisations. Whilst Rachel still thrives on the buzz of seeing her client’s names in print, her geeky side thrives on crunching the analytical data that demonstrates how campaigns help clients to hit their bottom lines.

Rachel is a CIPR Chartered Practitioner. When she’s not with the spottypack Rachel can be found tweeting @political_spot and blogging over at The Political Spot where all views are clearly her own.

Rachel on the spottyblog