Wish you were here?  A ‘n-ice’ way to celebrate a summer of sizzling press coverage

by Rachel Roberts |

​This summer has really been a sizzler for spottydog’s clients as we’ve secured a host of hot publicity opportunities that really have made us reach for something chilled… On the back of launching a brand new snazzy Motorola gadget for brand new client Binatone we’ve had a brilliant response from the press briefings held in London with some lovely national and consumer journalists. And we didn’t pass up the opportunity to rub shoulders / lynch Keith Lemon when we bumped into him on our way to our press briefing with The Times. Hot off the press also has been coverage for Heritage Bathrooms in the Sunday Express, plus feature of posh pet brand Billy+Margot in the Daily Mail, The Lady Magazine and The Telegraph. So whilst Billy+Margot’s doggy iced cream could do a mighty fine job of cooling us down, it was inevitable that to find a truly ‘n-ice’ end to the summer it could only be one thing – the Ice Bucket Challenge. Thanks Jane Elmer and Sarah Gatward…. And to our friends at WPR Agency, Big Cat Group and Graeme Brown at the Birmingham Post – consider yourself NOMINATED!