Steering the spottydog pack with valued ways of working

by spottydog communications |

With the first month of 2016 coming to its end, it’s fair to say that here at spottydog we certainly haven’t been resting on our laurels, but it’s been a lot of fun and a great start to the year!

Not only are we in the process of expanding our Birmingham office, resulting in a new city move for myself, but we’re also hiring two new pups! With so much going on, and with the team getting bigger by the second, it’s a great time to remind ourselves how our fitting ways of working have helped us become a winning team and we can’t wait to share these with our new starters so that they feel right at home in the spottydog squad.

A few months ago, during a team building exercise hosted by one of our clients Thomas Giles Consultancy, we created a list of values that would continue to steer the spottydog pack spirit in the right direction. These have become the spottydog communications core values and they help us to inspire each other and our clients to create great work.

These are just some of the ways we live them every day..…


Freedom to work in your own way and space

One of the most important things we realise when working in a new team is that everybody works in a completely different way. Some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of a busy office, whilst others prefer to take a step back and get some space. Learning to recognise how people work best and in what surroundings is one of the reasons we have great #TeamCadence – everyone respects each other and gives them the space they need when they want it.

All involved in idea generation

At the very beginning of the brief is often where you can have the most creative input, and providing everyone with the opportunity to get involved with this initial brainstorm, even those who aren’t or won’t be a part of the project. It’s not only great at keeping the team connected, but you never know where or from whom that lightbulb moment will come from!

Embrace targets

Far from seeing targets as a scary unattainable number, we use them as a goalpost, and celebrate every piece of coverage with the infamous ‘happy dance’! This can take many forms, from full body shuffling (yes, I’m looking at you Rachel!) to the slightly more reserved chair wiggle, but every little helps!

Stay adaptable & open to change as we evolve

As the team section of the website gets longer and longer, and we expand further into digital and content creation, it’s important to note that some of our values will have to adapt and evolve accordingly, after all a spottydog with different coloured spots is still a valued member of the pack!