spottydog goes green!

As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we recently launched our spottydog ‘Green Team’ – made up of volunteers from our pack who are passionate about doing their bit for our planet. By establishing this dedicated group of environmental ambassadors, we hope to find new ways to become a more sustainable business and contribute towards a greener future for all.

Ahead of World Environment Day on Saturday 5th June, PR, Communications and Social Media Consultant and Green Team member, Maddy McCrann Smith, tells us more about the Green Team’s mission.

Making a difference no matter how small

As someone who is passionate about reducing my environmental impact, having the opportunity to contribute to sustainable practices at work is really important to me.

As a team, we’ve already started to look at the small changes we can implement to make spottydog more sustainable. From recycling printer cartridges to buying eco-friendly dishwasher tablets for the office, the small actions we take now can make a big difference when we all do our bit.

Here’s just a few of the things we’ve done so far…

  • Implemented printer cartridge recycling
  • Encouraged team members to re-use printed scrap paper
  • Bought eco-friendly dishwasher tablets for the office​
  • Encouraged printing only when you absolutely need to – we now only have one printer in the office
  • Asked team members to switch plugs off at the socket​ when not in use
  • Recycled old tech​
  • Started using eco-friendly paper​
  • Encouraged team members to use re-useable cups and bottles
  • Turned off laptops when not in use​
  • Asked building management to introduce recycling bins

Working with clients that are making an impact

As well as taking steps to reduce our own environmental impact, we are also proud to work with a number of businesses providing sustainable solutions to help combat the climate crisis.

Our work to help launch carbon offsetting initiative Climate Wise, for example, included creating and implementing a comprehensive integrated communications strategy to engage potential donors. Demonstrating spottydog’s commitment to contribute to a greener future, we also offset the carbon footprint of our own team members through Climate Wise as part of our staff benefits package.

More recently, we welcomed Indra (creator of the world’s smartest electric vehicle chargers) to the spottydog pack. Indra provides home charging solutions for electric vehicles, and using a combination of media relations, social media, and content creation we aim to raise awareness of the brand among environmentally conscious consumers.

And it’s not just spottydog taking steps to be more environmentally friendly – our long-time client (and one of the UK’s largest pub and restaurant chains) Mitchells & Butlers has also implemented a number of strategies to help reduce its carbon footprint. As well as joining the Cool Food Pledge to reduce emissions caused by the food supply chain, the hospitality group has also implemented sustainable food sourcing practices and added car chargers to a number of sites across the UK.

World Environment Day 2021

In the lead up to World Environment Day on Saturday 5th June, the Green Team is taking over spottydog’s social channels! And we have a whole host of green themed activities planned for the rest of the spottydog pack.

This will include a Green Team social special, where we’ll be asking the rest of our colleagues to create a vegan meal for a virtual ‘rate my plate’ team social. And on Thursday we’ll be asking our team members switch off their devices for an hour at lunchtime and get out and about in nature instead.

We’ll also be asking our followers to get involved with our green quiz taking place over on our social media channels on Friday – so make sure you’re following us on there so you don’t miss out!

Through this week of activity, we hope to encourage the rest of the spottydog pack (and our online community) to think more about their daily habits and how they as individuals can live more sustainably.

Keep your eyes on our social channels this week for more updates from our Green Team this week!

To find out more about our commitment to sustainability, click here.

Engaging with relevant awareness days like ‘World Environment Day’ is a great way to join in with important conversations and showcase your company’s values on social media. To stay up to date with upcoming national days and key events, you can download our Opportunity Spots calendar here.

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