Spotting new social media and content marketing skills with #Digicities and the LLEP Business Gateway

by Rachel Sharpe |

The digital space is constantly and rapidly evolving. Part of being a great communications professional at a social media agency is having the commitment to continually upskill yourself and stay up to date. It’s something we’re very passionate about at spottydog. Not only do we keep updated through our trusted social media news sources but we are we dedicated members of the CIPR and the PRCA which provide great selection of resources for just about anything comms related – from ethical PR to effective social media strategies.

We’re also firm believers of the value of getting out and about in a bid to meet like-minded members of our local community and pick up tips from our friends. This is why Rachel Sharpe recently went to the BBC Academy Skills Day as part of #DigiCities Birmingham, and Anjay & Lucy visited LLEP Business Gateway’s session on Pinterest. We couldn’t pass up such great opportunities to be let off the lead & sniff out some new content marketing skills to bring back to the team, and we thought we’d share a little of what we learnt…

Rachel at #DigiCities

I really enjoyed my day at the BBC Skills Day – it was such a great opportunity to meet new people and pick up a few new tips. A few of my personal highlights included:

  • A podcasting session by Mark Steadman (@iamsteadman), the founder of podcast hosting platform Podiant. As well as watching him set up and record a short podcast right in front of us, which was great fun, and proved how easy it can be. Podcasts are definitely a great content marketing tool to try if you have the right audience and something valuable to say. At spottydog we have used them to add an extra dimension to stories for both an internal comms or external audience.
  • A session by Amrit Singh (@MrASingh) on how he has built his personal brand over the past two years to be the successful artist, content creator and influencer that he is now. He believes that people really need to resonate and connect with your brand to actually commit to following you and put a great emphasis on being positive and to always think about about how you want people to remember you.
  • A great session by the BBC Academy, who took us through some brilliant content creation tools – apps for iPhone and Android, such as Quik, Legend and Pictophile that help to create great pictures, videos, GIFs and memes for social media using just your phone. I always find it interesting, and exciting, to discover a new tool. How great is it that the little device most of us have in our pockets is capable of creating brilliant social media content?
That's So Pinteresting session by LLEP Business Gateway in Leicester

Anjay at That’s So Pinteresting! With LLEP Business Gateway

At spottydog we already use Pinterest as part of our clients’ digital strategies so attending the LLEP Business Gateway’s ‘That’s so Pinteresting’ allowed me to meet other Pinterest fans.  It also, gave me licence to bring out the Pinterest puns. I’ll try to keep them to a minimum in my key takeaways:

  • Pinterest is a luxury platform. Where most social media platforms mean users flick past posts only really stopping for a couple of seconds at a cute dog video, Pinterest is different. Not only is the largest demographic earners over £48,000, but users are invested in spending time on the platform. Often they’re actively searching for the content or products they want to buy. Knowing this means when you write Pinteresting posts you need to make sure they’re Pinterest SEO friendly with a good and engaging keyword density so that they stumble across your brand.
  • We all love to create visually pleasing content but have you heard of the Pinterest image search tool? Take a look and it may make you think twice about cut out images of products. Experience shows that adding cut outs with a white background will help you appear easier in image searches and we know that this tool is on the rise.
  • Finally, it’s common knowledge that the digital landscape is always shifting, but we’re pleased to report that one thing is staying true for Pinterest; great content marketing still depends on compelling content. You can make your post SEO friendly, use the right image resolution and utilise the right hashtags but if it’s not great content that your audience will find Pinteresting you won’t make a ripple, let alone a splash.

We hope you enjoyed the taster of our walkies this week and if you fancy meeting us out and about, make sure you stop by our SnapSpot at the Leicester Business Festival. We’ll be offering free professional headshot photography sessions at the Phoenix but we also won’t miss the opportunity to get to know our Leicester pals at the various networking events throughout the city.