Bella, Lola & Ziggy

Bella’s a good mum to her kittens, but also enjoys taking a moment for herself napping on the sofa. Luckily Ziggy & Lola keep one another entertained with endless games of chase! The trio belong to spottydog’s Alana.

Sister cats Gin & Tonic

Sisters Gin & Tonic are part of Rachel Sharpe’s family, with polar opposite personalities! Gin is shy and spends most of her time hiding under her bed, but Tonic loves attention – she’s especially fond of belly scratches & likes to steal pizza!

Luna and Poppy the cats

Luna and Poppy belong to spottydog’s Matt. Poppy won’t be separated from Luna, and is usually hot on her tail ready to photo-bomb Luna’s paw-fect selfies!

Indie the cat

Indie belongs to spottydog’s Maddy. She’s a timid little cat, although she has a secret wild side and a heart of gold, so long as you give her plenty of cuddles and a tickle under the chin.

Steve the cat

Steve is the fluffy companion of Andy Cameron-Smith’s son, Harry, and likes to help proofread ETI’s Purr-spective reports. His moniker is inspired by none other than Harry’s favourite game, Minecraft.


Cockerpoo Luna loves to perform tricks with her dad Sean from RTR Services – she’s a bright spark that knows how to push the right buttons!


Giosprite’s Rosie loves her visits to spottydog’s Leicestershire hub, joining mum Sharon to inspire some smart city blogs!

Lottie the dog

Lottie belongs to spottydog’s Anna Baker.  She’s a very playful puppy and a little bit naughty, but who could resist those puppy-dog eyes!  When she’s not making trouble, she can be found snuggled up on Anna’s lap.

Mertle the tortoise on the social petwork

Mertle belongs to Rachel Gough at Mitchells & Butlers, and is the first tortoise on our social petwork, which we think is a worth shell-ebrating! Her favourite thing to do is sit under her heat lamp looking pretty.