Social Spot– Three social media updates you need to know about

Person scrolling social media on their iphone

Person scrolling social media on their iphone

It can be difficult to keep up to date with social media platforms as they continually announce new updates to satisfy their audiences’ evolving appetites.

In our latest blog, Senior Communications Executive Bronia outlines three social media updates that you need to know about to keep on top of your content creation and inform your social media strategy.

1) Thinking of getting your brand on Threads?

Threads, Meta’s new social media platform, has taken the internet by storm — reaching 100 million sign ups within only five days of launch.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Threads, seeing what works well and what really doesn’t, and have a few things for you to bear in mind when starting out on the platform.

• Conversation starters. As a text-based app, much of the content which has been successful in the few weeks of Threads has been conversational and invites engagement from users, and has seen brands actively engaging with other users content too.

• Take advantage of the algorithm. Whilst there isn’t an extensive algorithm in place, Meta has shared that Threads does rank posts and shows content from accounts you don’t follow as it tries to encourage users to follow more people. With this in mind, how will your Threads content generate reshares and engagement in order to boost visibility on the app?

• Remember who you are. Many brands have taken to the platform and followed the trend of taking the “unhinged” Ryanair and Duolingo approach to social media. Whilst it’s important to remember your brand’s identity when coming onto the platform, Threads offers a unique opportunity to experiment with your content and tone of voice.

Person scrolling social media on their laptop

2) Pinterest aims to drive more traffic to businesses

Pinterest has introduced a new feature to help brands to drive traffic from the app by ‘deeplinking’ from Pins that will direct users to the brand’s page or mobile app.

Deep links allow you to direct people to a specific page in your app or to an alternative app to buy your products or take specific actions.

The update will make it easier for brands to capitalise on the attention of Pinterest users who have come onto the app with a shopping mindset, by directing them along the path to making a purchase, without unnecessary interruptions or leaving the app.

Time is of the essence when influencing consumers to make their purchasing decisions, and this new update is likely to generate an increase in conversions from the app for businesses who use it wisely.

Close up of Pintrest icon

3) Twitter explores long-form content

Twitter, the app that is known for its short-form content limited to 140 characters per tweet, has been exploring the potential of long-form content, something which works very well on other platforms, such as LinkedIn.

Currently, Twitter Blue subscribers can post 25k character tweets, including inline images. However, Elon Musk has confirmed a new update is on the way called “Articles.”

With no character limit set as of yet, Elon states that Articles on Twitter “will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media. You could publish a book if you want.”

Is long-form content the future of social media? It’s too early to say, but it’s worth experimenting with long and short-form content for your brand, to see what resonates more with your target audience (and prepare for the arrival of Articles).

Looking to refresh your social media strategy? We’ve got you covered! Get in touch.

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