Authentic, homely, and witty: Our first impressions on Threads


If you’ve not heard the word ‘Threads’ mentioned 50 million times over the past 24 hours, then where have you been!? Or maybe you don’t work in social media marketing! We chatted to the team about their first impressions of the app as a consumer and as social media consultants.

Zoe G says:

“I think Threads is reminding people of the old days of Twitter — it’s built on words and conversation, plus it’s free of Musk’s chaos. It’s a refreshing change from the more appearance-led platforms that create a pressure to look ‘perfect’.

“With millions of users overnight, and brands and influencers already amassing large followings on the platform, Threads is definitely going to be popular — and I think it’s going to offer brands a more authentic way to communicate with their audiences.”

Zoe B says:

“It’s a hybrid of Instagram and Twitter, enabling users to share thoughts in a text-based format but with the visual appearance of the Insta app we all know and love. Engagement is super high on this platform at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how it lasts, especially when the app eventually becomes monetised with ads. So far, I like it and it feels like an authentic space for brands to connect with customers!”

Emily says:

“OK — this is going to be big! It’s definitely a place for wit, humour and reactivity. There’s already so many big names and companies making their mark and experimenting on the new platform. I also like how simple it is — it’s very casual and friendly (at the moment!). It feels like it’s what everyone has been waiting for. Let’s see what happens over the coming months.”


Rachel C says:

“It took me approximately one minute to set up Threads and, as soon as I was on, it felt strange but weirdly comforting to see a community so familiar to me sharing text-copy updates. Enabling users to feel instantly at home on the app is a smart move from Meta and I look forward to seeing how brands respond to the Twitter-like platform.”

Karlie says:

“I’ve still not made my mind up about Threads yet. On first impressions, I’ve enjoyed scrolling through and watching as it’s grown over the past 48 hours. At the moment, the platform feels like a very positive place with a ‘community feel’.

“I’m intrigued at the idea of a new social platform and how we can incorporate it into our clients’ strategies. However, I do wonder if it’s just another platform that will be popular for a few months and then be forgotten about.”

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