Launching your summer campaign with a robust communications plan

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With summer just around the corner and a government roadmap underway to ease lockdown restrictions, now is the perfect time to plan an event to boost your business.

When launching a new product or brand it’s often difficult to stand out from the crowd, be creative and drive awareness all at the same time. You can go all guns blazing and spend lots of time launching something, but if nobody knows it’s there and what you’ve done, what’s the point?

We are experienced at delivering opening and reopening PR, social media and communications support for businesses, especially in the hospitality sector, ranging from the humble local boozer that’s had a remodel, to the glamourous all singing and dancing grand opening of a city centre bar, as well as bespoke event launches to meet the needs of a specific local business. Each launch or event comes with its own challenges and objectives, so we’ve put together some top tips on how you could maximise your opening PR strategy…

Plan your PR strategy ahead

As with everything, planning ahead will often give you a better overall view on your opening and you’ll be able to accomplish things without the last-minute panic that so often happens as you get closer to the launch date. Think about when you’d like to see news of your new opening in the paper, and plan to get information over to them at least one-two weeks before this as this also gives you the chance to chat with them before the launch date takes your entire focus. This is also a great opportunity to start your influencer outreach, as utilising any social influencers in your area can boost the amount of engagement and excitement around your new opening.

Utilise social media

We’ve found some of the best results can be achieved when the people who live locally are engaged with and are made part of the process. One easy way of letting your local community know about your new opening is through social media – posting a few teaser images to your existing network that they can share with their friends is an easy way of getting your message out with little to no cost! Reaching out on Facebook is a great way of building reputation for your new business before it’s even opened!

Get involved in community groups

It can take a bit of time but organising a launch event and inviting local businesses and groups to the event is always a great way to get the locals chatting about what you’re doing. Utilising Facebook outreach can help you identify groups you didn’t even realise were in your local area, and this can all help when trying to spread and share the news of your new opening. This is also an ideal opportunity for the manager of your business to get to know the local community first hand and start talking with them about future events or opportunities – it’s never too early to think about maximising footfall and sales but it needs to be relevant to both parties.

It’s more than a VIP ribbon cutting

You don’t always have to go all singing and dancing. A twist on the tried and tested approach of engaging with journalists is to give them the first preview of the new look and create an exclusive sneak peek opportunity. Regional media relations have changed over the last few years and images and/or video is key to catching their eye – think about your photo op and what the key message is about your new opening.

Stand out from the crowd with great design & content

If you’re part of a wider event it’s often difficult to stand out from the crowd.  Plan ahead and maximise your business network before the event and consider what content or activity will draw an audience on the day – whether it’s a snapchat filter, activity on stall or social content that utilities event hashtags to reach new audiences. All these tactics can help you make a mark.

Which tactic should you use for your next business opening or organising an event? It’s entirely it up to you, but what should always be considered is what sort of outreach you’re looking for, who you’re looking to bring in and which way to reach them. Thinking about the type of business and what is being provided should help you to determine what approach you take.

Our knowledge and experience on what works and what doesn’t with local marketing tactics means that whether you’re planning a one-off opening or would like support with a larger scale opening programme, we can work out a bespoke solution that will help your business open with a bang! Get in touch.

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