Getting our paws stuck into more content: introducing our new Senior Content Creator

by Joseph Phipps |

Hi, I’m Joe and I’m spottydog’s new senior content creator. With a fresh new year and new role ahead of me, I’m looking forward to bringing my 7 years of industry experience to spottydog and getting my paws stuck into creating some amazing content.

Over those 7 years I’ve worked across many roles including videography, editing, motion graphics, YouTube channel management, content management and have even had experience directing live international television!

I love getting stuck in on a shoot and coming up with new and creative ideas to help create the best content and then piecing it together like a giant Lego kit when I get into the edit stage and making something that I can really be proud of.

As the world becomes more digital, content now more than ever is key to help get a message across to anyone and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the spottydog pack!