Virtual Events: How to sell to clients through e-meets

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As the coronavirus pandemic gripped the UK throughout 2020, we all had to adapt our working practices with many of us working from home and communicating through platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

And with this change came a proliferation in the number of webinars and online virtual events taking place. We can bet you probably attended one of these last year, but how can you incorporate them into your marketing strategy in 2021?

Many are already realising the very real benefits of virtual events. The Content Marketing Institute says that 58% of marketers use webinars for promotion to reach online audiences and, as we look to 2021, the rise of webinars will continue as we negotiate living in a post-pandemic world.

Here at spottydog we’ve fully got behind online events and they’ve proven an excellent way of interacting with our audiences and generating results for our clients. Here’s some top tips we’ve learnt along the way:

Become thought leaders on industry topics

People attend webinars to learn, so position your business as an industry expert and become a thought leader by using your insights and experiences to explore topics that relate to your sector. This will spark the interest of audiences that want to learn more about you and your industry and attract other businesses in your field who want to explore these topics too.

Choose trending topics that will inspire your audience and aim to answer questions that they would want to ask. Take time to reflect on how your business is affected by the topic, and who in your business can speak with authority about it.

Opportunities for collaboration

Hosting regular webinars that feature the same people every time may become thinly stretched and deter your audience from returning to the next meeting. Once you’ve established a topic that you want to explore, consider inviting other engaging thought leaders to join your webinar and provide their point of view.

Webinar collaboration with other businesses in and out of your industry will expand your network, keep your webinars relevant and reach a variety of different audiences. This will benefit both sides of the partnership and doesn’t have to cost a penny!

Bring your business to life and turn on your webcam

Turn on your webcam and introduce yourselves so your audience can see who you are. By doing this they are more likely to remember your name and your business.

Bring in different members of your team on areas they specialise in to help your audience further understand who you are. This brings your business to life and encourages networking, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn, and builds trust with the people tuning in to watch.

Engage audiences with interactivity

Avoid making your audience sit and listen to the same voice for hours. Instead, help them feel more involved in the webinar. People have become accustomed to interacting with businesses online through social media comments, likes and shares. However, webinars give you the unique opportunity to interact with your audience live with Q&A’s and activities such as polls.

This engagement can encourage your audience to step beyond pressing ‘like’ and participate in conversations with your business.

To find out more on how virtual events and webinars can benefit your business, join our ‘Spotlight On: Selling to clients through virtual events’ on Thursday 11th February at 1.30pm – sign up on eventbrite.

If you would like to talk to us about hosting a virtual webinar or event, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 0121 796 8400.

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