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Seeing the whole picture with 360° panoramas

by spottydog communications |

We’re always looking for new and exciting technology to trial and test out, so when one of our leisure clients, O’Neill’s Pubs, got in touch and asked us to organise a 360° panoramic shoot for its newly refurbished Glasgow Merchant Square pub, we couldn’t wait to see how it would work out!

As we work with numerous clients in the leisure centre, for pubs and restaurants that are either new to the area or have been completely renovated, 360° panoramic shots are a great way of showing off the new look – more so than photos as it gives the consumer a chance really explore the space inside, especially if you have more than one panoramic taken so that they can take a journey througout the space. The images can also be uploaded to Google Maps, giving anyone who is looking for directions to your pub/bar/reastaurant/other business the chance to click the ‘streetview’ icon and see inside the venue.

The image above was taken using a special 360° mount, however if you don’t have the professional equipment or simply want to try out a panoramic before you commit to buying a 360° camera or mount for your business, your smartphone will more likely than not have a setting on the camera that allows you to shoot one. The key difference with this is that it will only let you pano left to right, and not up and down, like an adjustable mount would.

Facebook’s algorithm has now also updated to recognise when an image has been shot as a panorama and will upload it as an interactive post for your followers, and they’ve added a useful page to help users fully utilise the new features. This is a great option for consumers as they can use it to make their own feed more interactive, and it’s another great way of showing off to your friends where you are and what you’re up to!

It’ll be exciting to see where this technology goes and how different brands and consumers use and play around with 360° panoramas, so we’ll definitely be watching this space, and keep an eye out for our brand new spottydog offices!