Corporate audience at a computer

What we know about how to talk to a corporate audience from our work with BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK

Need help understanding how to best engage a corporate audience? The work we’ve done with our client BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK has given us plenty of opportunities to put our own skills to use successfully and we thought we’d share our top tips!

By Isla Williams | April 29, 2019

Birmingham canal 2018

A brave new future for 21st century Birmingham

UK Construction Week provided the perfect platform to showcase an exciting future for Birmingham. We went down to the NEC to find out more.

By Matt Suddaby | October 18, 2018

How To
Maximise your time at a tradeshow

How to maximise a trade show

When it comes to attending trade shows, conferences and networking events, do you have a strategy in place for success?

By Rachel Sharpe | July 19, 2018

How To
The desk of a graphic designer

How to write a pawsome design brief

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect brief. Your designer will be sure to thank you!

By Jo Crellin | May 09, 2018

reporting scrabble

How to mind the gap – gender pay gap reporting

What is the best way to communicate the gender pay gap to an internal audience? Here are our top three suggestions…

By Sally Ellson | April 06, 2018

Alice and Lisa in Chelsea

Five things Made in Chelsea taught us about client conferences

Earlier this month we accompanied our new client Giosprite to Smart Cities UK 2018. See how we made an impression at the event.

By Alice Treherne | February 13, 2018

Our award-winning work

Our award-winning work!

In our latest vlog, we talk about three of our award-winning campaigns and the work we did that impressed the judges!

By spottydog communications | August 14, 2017

New spottydog pup Alice

New pup Alice joins the spottydog pack

We meet new pup Alice who joined the team in June, and find out about what she’s been up to in her first few weeks.

By Alice Treherne | July 11, 2017

spottydog content services

Five pieces of great spottydog content

Our in-house content team is proud to present five recent pieces of great spottydog content!

By spottydog communications | May 11, 2017