What happens when you don’t search ‘PR agency Birmingham’

by Rachel Roberts |

​Whilst it’s always exciting to welcome new visitors to the spottyblog, we apologise to the mystery googler this month who was driven to click through to www.spottydogcommunications.com using the search term ‘deborah meaden hot’. We assume that our mega Deborah fan stumbled upon our spottyblog post from last October which commented our delight in presenting the lovely Strictly Come Dragon with her very own sparkly GLAM flexi lead. Our google analytics report – the stats google provides to tell you how many people have visited your website – advises that most people visit our site by searching for ‘PR agency birmingham’, ‘social media agency’ or ‘Leicester PR’. We’ll come clean that we’re not expecting to grow our business massively by extensively targeting Deborah Meaden fans, but we’re happy to welcome them as they waltz through our website looking for hot content. (Note previous recent blog post of ladies sitting in a bath). Whilst Deborah’s love of animals and backing for businesses to embrace PR means she will always be our favourite Dragon, as the google analysis of our internet search activity will reveal, when it comes to hot celebrities, ‘Ryan Gosling hot’ has our top google spot! For the purposes of digital marketing research we invite spottyblog fans to compare who would get you googling….