Scouting out new talent at the RSPCA

by Katie Bregazzi |

​Though the old showbiz adage says never work with animals, here at spottydog we don’t like to snub our fellow furry friends – and so last week when we got the chance to head to the RSPCA centre just down the road from our Birmingham office, ‘Frankley’ it was an opportunity not to be missed. Tasked with creating four one minute videos for client Motorola’s Scout 83 pet monitoring camera, we set about filming to bring our movie magic to the masses on new social channel Pets on Camera. And while yes, we do like to hit the latest digital tends, no we didn’t follow in Fall Out Boy’s footsteps and opt for Hyperlapse – we did however channel our best Dr Dolittle to make sure the animals were feeling ‘Vine’ ahead of their close ups. With a passion for sharing animal action, pet lovers are perhaps one of the most switched on audiences to video and our clickable, shareable creations will be hitting your screens soon. Extra points will come your way if you spot the cameo from our Digital Content Manager and if you need me in the meantime I will be trying to persuade Rachel that the office needs to adopt a cat, maybe a rabbit too oh and a ferret. We definitely need an office ferret!