Santa must have a really good PR team…

by Katie Bregazzi |

It’s that magical time of year where there’s an extra spring in your step, the tree is up, the presents are bought and wrapped (if you’re organised) but most importantly there is chocolate, copious amounts of chocolate. Seeing various Christmas PR stunts, events, press releases flying around this time of year – we got talking over our mince pies in the office and it got us thinking about good old Mr Claus and we came to the conclusion that Santa must have a brilliant PR team, maybe the elves double up?

The brief:

• To raise the profile of Mr Claus

• Deliver an annual event worldwide

• Gain coverage in print, broadcast, online and social media

• Make people believe

The results: Well lets face it, you can’t get someone who is more renowned worldwide than Santa and his jolly entourage, and credit to him and his loyal team without fail on the morning of 25th December the event is delivered to the joy of millions of children. The coverage, well who hasn’t got a Christmas themed press release (cough blog) out at the moment – and as for the last one, just watch this great PR stunt from WestJet and if you’re still unconvinced well then Bah Humbug to you!