My baby was born with PR(S) in his blood: returning to spottydog after maternity leave

by Katie Bregazzi |

OK so spoiler alert my little boy didn’t come out with a Hootsuite account and a hotline to The Times news desk, but he did throw us a curve ball. He was born with Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS) and the subsequent stays in ICU, copious amounts of medical equipment and six-hour operations weren’t exactly what was on our ‘starting parenthood plan’.

So when your mind has been in nursery rhymes and medical jargon for nine months how do you even get your head back into returning to work? Well I tackled mapping out my Mum / work balance in true PR style and I treated it like a brief!

Content: aside from having done an exercise auditing my stakeholders… I’m kidding (sort of)! I looked at the content of my role and made sure that I was content with it! I can’t stress enough the value that I got from Keeping in Touch days.

PR: just like we at spottydog communications protect and promote brand reputation – I saw it imperative to rebuild mine, and reconnect with the fast paced industry I’d stepped out of. I delved into it all, including six-month-old trade magazines in the interest of catching up!

Social Media: what would be my service level agreement? How would I maximize engagement if my activity was only on four days a week? It’s hard to get the right balancing act, but I feel privileged to be able to benefit from spottydog’s agile and flexible work approach and I definitely ‘like’ my new working pattern and my family ‘share’ in that sentiment (I’ll stop I promise!)

Employee Engagement: reconnecting with the team was the big thing that made my return to work as painless as it could be for a new Mum. We’re a friendly bunch at spottydog. On my first day back I got balloons, pastries, and banners – which on the surface may seem like a trivial set up to an Instagram photo op – but to a new Mum that’s had to leave her baby in nursery? It’s the world, trust me, especially when it involves HOT coffee.

So that’s it, no big trade secret that makes it easy. Just a great company, a great team and a job you love… doesn’t make it as hard.

If you’re just returning to work and share some of these feelings then please let me know, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

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