Raising the Bar

by Katie Bregazzi |

​It is safe to say that the job market is a difficult one both here in the UK and across the pond at the moment – you’ve got to stand out, you’ve got to persevere and you have got to be like ‘Superman’ in comparison to your competition.

Companies get inundated with CV’s, be it from fresh faced graduates, or eager work experience hunters all looking for that big break into the industry.

So news that a job hunter has sent his CV to prospective employers on a bar of chocolate shows that ‘Smarties really do have the answer’ (90’s ad reference for all you Generation Y’s out there).

Like marketing campaigns, job hunters need to consider tactics that engage with their audience and stand out from the rest.

This is by far our favourite example of good marketing this week and it’s not even for a company, just a guy called Nick who’s taken a really creative approach to looking for a job and if he hadn’t already been snapped up by New York-based Sportsvite, he’d get an interview with spottydog.


As the proud new employer who offered Nick a marketing job commented: “he really is the best bar none.”