Puns, Pups and PR – Joining the spottydog Pack!

by Oliver Kirby |

Right, it’s time for me to take the lead and write a pawfect first blog for spottydog communications. Before you all groan just admit; we all love a good pun. So anyway back to who I am, the new pup Oliver Kirby, and where I’ve come from and why I’m so thrilled to join this fantastic team.

Originating from the land of cider, rolling hills and many suppressed memories of horrific holiday traffic, meandering away from Devon to landing in the United Kingdom’s second largest city has been surprisingly easy. I’m the newest spoke in the Birmingham office’s wheel and my transition from country bumpkin to PR Exec has been incredibly smooth. This was all down to receiving the warmest of welcomes from an amazing agency, one loaded with expert with talent.

But what was it that brought me here? Whilst studying for a journalism degree my eyes were opened to the promising world of PR and Communications, thanks to experiencing what this career path has to offer during numerous placement opportunities. From working at an established Birmingham agency to passionately developing my University sport team’s media profile, I was able to couple my vital journalism skills with the chance to be more creative in what I do. It seemed the perfect combination and now here I am!

I’ll be predominantly working for spottydog’s big leisure client in a somewhat unconventional role, but one possessing a bounty of unique development opportunities. Spending half of my time at the client’s headquarters I’ll crucially see, first hand, how internal PR operates on a corporate level. However, when at the Birmingham spotty office I’ll enjoy the many advantages of a bubbling creative agency culture. It’s a fantastic situation to be in.

So far my time has been insightful to say the least, from speedily picking up and understanding the client’s workload and needs, to becoming a member of two different working environments. I’ve loved every moment and with plenty more to come in the future, I’m going to make my time with spottydog the greatest it can possibly be for both myself and the agency.

It’s been nearly a month since I was hired and it’s all been very special. What’s next though? I’ll continue to grow and develop that’s for sure, it’s what drives me and has taken me to where I am now. However what I’m most looking forward to is obviously spending time with the office dog, Zac. What a great guy! Look out for me walking the unofficial spotty mascot around the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter soon!