Prepare to be Super Bowl-ed Over!

by Jo Crellin |

Even if you aren’t American, you may have noticed in the news that this weekend is the NFL Super Bowl XLIX. As the most important annual game in NFL American Football, Sunday night will see the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks battle it out to win the championship in American Football’s hotly anticipated TV event.

While American football is gaining popularity on English soil, here in the UK we’ll never love it more than ‘the beautiful game’ but for me, any event which has so much hype makes me curious.

As one of the most-watched sporting events in the year (mainly by American audiences) it is almost considered a national holiday, and food consumption in the US around the Super Bowl is second only to their Thanksgiving holiday. Apparently 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on SuperBowl Sunday (you really would need a super bowl for that wouldn’t you!), washed down with 325.5 million gallons of beer!

But for UK audiences, I think the most interesting thing to pass in front of our eyes will be the creative and memorable TV adverts. The Super Bowl half-time break is the most expensive advertising slot on television; a 30-second spot will set companies back around $4.5m (£2.96m).

The ads are tightly guarded secrets too, and it’s likely that many of them will tickle our funny bones or pull at our heart strings just as they do for our American cousins.

So I for one, will be keeping an eye on ‘Best SuperBowl Ads’ for 2015 and will be checking all the relevant hashtags for any great PR examples or Social Media Wins.

As Will.I.Am (Musician/ The Voice Judge) once said “You know, the Super Bowl is so fresh that every single commercial is on some next-level entertainment.”

For now, here are a few ads and teasers we’ve picked up on so far:




And if you’re interested in actually watching the game, you can tune in on Sunday 1st February Channel 4 at 22.30. Sky Sports and BBC Radio 5 Live will also provide coverage.