A hat-trick of award nominations for the PRCA DARE Awards 2019

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In our nine years growing spottydog communications from Birmingham PR agency to the multi-faceted, award-winning PR agency we are now, we’ve always strived to be Best of Breed. Our Pedigree People deliver work for our clients across PR, content marketing, employee engagement and social media, always with a focus on strong storytelling. Our belief is that it’s about finding the story and working out which tactics and which channels to utilise when telling it to the target audience. It’s this philosophy, as well as our dedication to delivering best of breed work, which is how we’ve become a multi award winning PR agency.

This year, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated for three PRCA Dare Awards for some of the great work we did for our clients last year! From social media successes and digital marketing wins, to big numbers of PR coverage, we thought we’d share the three campaigns that have helped us to secure the nominations.

Campaign Challenges Award

For the campaign challenges award, we entered our work with client Aqua Park Suffolk. As well as a splash-tastic launch with them, earning 115 pieces of coverage across print, digital and broadcast, we also had to implement a crisis plan to manage the park’s reputation due to an unforeseen problem with blue-green algae shutting the park down a week after its opening. The reputation management was a success, with a 73% positive response following a sentiment analysis.

Integrated Campaign of the Year

For the integrated campaign entry, we submitted our own Christmas brand campaign, which focused on emphasising our new services and highlighting our role not only as a PR agency, but also as a creative agency and internal communications agency. Coming up with a concept and telling the story in multiple different ways, we utilised our creative service team and created a video featuring bespoke ’12 Days of Christmas’ lyrics highlighting our service offer. This was then shared across various social media channels, gaining over 9K views and 37.7K impressions, as well as an organic backlink.

Trade & B2B Campaign of the Year

Finally, our entry for the trade & B2B campaign of the year award was our work delivering a legacy for the Energy Technologies Institute. Helping to support its 2018 flagship insight report “Options, Choices, Actions”, we identified the core messages and developed an integrated communications approach to get the message out on the correct channels. We were able to increase website traffic by 55% during the four-week campaign, as well as earning 50,000 impressions on Twitter. We also achieved pieces of press coverage in key national titles and delivered a successful email marketing campaign.

We’d like to extend a massive congratulations to all the PR agencies nominated for PRCA Dare Awards across the UK and we look forward to mingling with our fellow Midlands nominees on 3rd July! We are very proud to be an award-winning PR agency.

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