Whether you need a trusted advocate when marketing a new product or you’re looking for the perfect content creator to help you tap into a new digital audience, we use influencer marketing to engage, deliver and create authentic campaigns that speak directly to your target audience and build advocacy for your brand.

Finding the right social media influencers

Tracking down the ideal Instagram or YouTube influencer to bring your brand to life is essential – and is about so much more than follower figures alone. We do the leg work so you don’t have to, making meaningful connections, exploring collaboration opportunities and planning content in partnership with authentic influencers so they become your brand’s trusted second voice.

Micro and Macro influencers

Too often, ‘reach’ is thought to be the only key measure of a quality influencer.  We take a much more thorough approach where relevance, engagement and brand synergy are at the heart of the decision making process to achieve better ROI and exposure for our clients.

Influencer marketing regulations

The world of digital influencers has moved rapidly, which is why we stay at the cutting edge of developments to ensure your influencer partnerships will always be ethical, transparent and compliant with the latest industry regulations.