Wadds that? PR ranks in the top ten occupations for the future – that’s made our Friday!

by spottydog communications |

​Having just graduated from university, and entering my second month of my first Public Relations intern role, I was excited to attend last night’s CIPR Midlands event in Nottingham – which saw President of the CIPR Stephen Waddington and NORSACA’s Fund Generation Manager, Melanie Howard keep a room of 40 PR practioners captivated for two hours. The ‘woof’while event (I’m learning in PR we love a good pun) really got me inspired and Stephen made some amazing points about the new landscape of PR and I learnt that there really has never been a more exciting time to work in this profession. The first speaker of the night was Melanie Howard from NORSACA – which is a top dog charity in the East Midlands. Kicking off by discussing how the relationship between businesses and charities can work, she also gave us an insight in to how our clients can help local charities and what ‘pawsome’ outcomes CSR delivers. Next to take centre stage was Stephen Waddington, giving us a peek into his insights on how we should modernise PR – he also discussed how PR shouldn’t be about media relations or publicity, but more about building influence and reputation by promoting mutual understanding. He also discussed how shifting from one-way broadcast to more two-way communications has been shaped by new forms of media – he then also left us hanging our heads in shame that only two people in the room had bought and read a newspaper that day (proud to say we were one of them!) Though I could write for another hour about what was discussed, I have some holiday packing for Thailand to do – but with a 27 hour flight looming this has given me a lot of thinking to do (and some extra reading) on what we need to do as an industry to embrace the changes, you can do the same here.