Preparing to use the General Election to get national PR coverage

Election 2024 PR coverage

It’s official – 6 weeks until the General Election and no-one can hide!

If you’ve already switched off, switch back on! It might sound like the antithesis of a fun news agenda but actually it provides an opportunity for brands from all sectors to share what’s important for their audience.

Let’s have a look at how brands can use the general election to maximise brand exposure.


There will be debates happening across the country around various topics and if you can provide an opinion you’re in good stead to get noticed. Be proactive and prepare to comment, but also allow some flexibility as you’ll need your finger on the pulse so you can react in a heartbeat.

An upcoming change in government will shape the news agenda for a substantial period, and some topics will be more noticeable than others. Climate change and the cost of living are important to everyone, so if your brand has a genuine reason to speak in this space then be prepared to get involved.


Influencers aren’t just glitzy mums promoting organic meals for their kids. Brand can use influencers to expose their agendas across social media, particularly via ‘micro’ influencers and bloggers who generally have better engagement with their audience than the higher reaching ‘macros’.

Positive news

With a general election upcoming there will also be an appetite for positive, more light-hearted news. The general public wants more than just business debates in their feeds. Don’t be afraid to have some fun during this otherwise very intense time for the media. Your brand can provide a moment of joy, celebrating life’s lightness in an otherwise heavy news agenda.

The day after the night before…

Here at Spottydog we’re always armed with client news the day after the elections have taken place. Why? It’s a silent day! Votes are being counted and journalists’ pens are poised ready to report on the outcome. This tumbleweed time is perfect for filler stories, so don’t miss out.


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