Why applying for spottydog’s Talent Spot placement was the best decision I made

by Sabina Mack |

I’ve always known that taking a year out for an industrial placement was going to be part of my degree plan, so when it was time to apply, I was very excited. Choosing to take a university placement year can really help you stand out when it comes to graduate jobs. In fact over a third of recruiters have said this year that ‘graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process for the top employers graduate programmes’ (High Fliers Research Report, 2018). As a student at De Montfort University (DMU) I decided I wanted to stay in Leicester, so I could remain part of student life which was a factor when I applied to spottydog as well as the company’s many awards and its engaging website.

As soon as I came for my first interview at spottydog communications I knew I wanted to work here. Walking through the door I instantly felt welcome and that feeling has never left. The interview process was also really engaging and after my first interview I was set a task to develop a launch event for Heritage Bathrooms. The opportunity to be creative and showcase my skills made me want to join spottydog even more! When I got the call to say I had been successful, I was elated and could not wait to get started. As I begin my fourth month as a member of the spottydog pack, I have already had so many amazing opportunities – from organising events and writing press releases to creating spottydog’s Christmas campaign with my acapella group. Putting the theory I have learnt in two years of university into practice has really given me a taste for the industry and I am looking forward to learning more new things.

If you are interested in the PR, social media and communications industry I would highly recommend applying for the Talent Spot. I can honestly say that applying was the best decision I ever made and I can’t wait to see what other exciting things the rest of my placement year has to hold.