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Picture Perfect. The power of the photographer for a commercial shoot

by Sally Ellson |

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to property PR, but if this statement is true, how much attention do you place on creating the best photography to showcase your subject?

We believe success lies in a versatile photographer and a good photography brief, especially when the challenges that properties throw up can only be addressed at the photoshoot.

Great photography of a restaurant, hotel or showroom isn’t always easy to achieve, but we believe taking time to mastermind the perfect image is well worth the investment.  Composition and creativity are key; however, you also need to be strategic in your approach and ensure that the image achieves a purpose and reflects your messaging, tone of voice, your position within the marketplace and engages your target audience.

We’ve outlined below the main considerations for a great photography brief and hope it will help you to make the most of your next photoshoot.

Identify your communication goal

Commercial property photography has many facets and it’s important to consider exactly what you want the viewer to see. For example, do you require interior vs exterior images?  Are you trying to establish a location or showcase accessibility?

For example, when we photographed a new Harvester refurbishment for Mitchells & Butlers, our priority was on the details of the interior environment, enticing customers through the door and bringing the atmosphere to life through imagery.

Whereas when we photographed Nicholson’s pubs for their website, it was our role to highlight the architectural features of the buildings both on the interior and exterior to convey their historical past whilst projecting a desirable destination to eat and drink. This involved manipulating guests and staff as well as navigating traffic and seeking out unique vantage points.

Nicholson's Interior Photography

Consider where your image will be placed

Is your image for marketing collateral or will it be featured in the press? Outlining how people will consume your image means you are more likely to achieve a successful outcome.

When Heritage Bathrooms briefed us to photograph its products at luxury hotel Alrewas Hayes, we knew we wanted a double page spread in Boutique Hotelier. So, the challenge was to ensure that every shelf and surface was styled to perfection according to brand guidelines. Additionally, our photographer needed to overcome lighting challenges and the need to convey texture, pattern and luxury through the lens.

Heritage Bathrooms Photography

Be creative

Don’t do what everyone else does.  Following the crowd won’t make your business stand out and could even work against you by making the image unauthentic or dated. A flexible photographer will capture different points of view and make your image look different. This may be by following brand guidelines or by editing colour balance in post-production, whatever it takes, a skilled photographer uses all tools available to ensure your commercial property will look it’s best.

We believe there is both art and science behind creating the perfect picture, images often provide the first impression of your business and you need to take the time and attention to you meet your communication goals.

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