Our top takeaways from our Open House event

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As a best-of-breed communications agency, we are constantly sniffing out opportunities to build and develop our pack’s careers. Our Open House events are a great way for us to give the next generation of communications professionals some insight into what it is like to work at a PR agency, hear some examples of our client work and enable our team to pass on what they’ve learned.

To kick-off March with a bang, Communications Director Dan Cooper and Digital Marketing Executive Maddie Tudor hosted our first Open House event of the year to over 80 post-graduate students from the University of Birmingham. We’ve put together our top takeaways, from acing your interview to landing your first role.


How to get your first job in the PR industry

If you’re wanting to land your first communications and marketing role whether it be in-house or agency, there are a number of things you can do to help you on your way, such as networking, work experience and creating a Linkedin account to start building your profile. Showing your genuine passion and interest is key to all three points and most importantly to make yourself stand out!

At spottydog we are looking for candidates to be able to show that they can:

  • Manage their time
  • Take the initiative
  • Demonstrate their creativity

Whilst demonstrating these three qualities will stand you in good stead to secure that first job in communications. It’s also all about the attitude you bring too. A great attitude shows your genuine passion and interest which makes you stand out above everyone else.

Getting your paw through the front door to any job within the PR sector means you also need to be aware of the current political and non-political news at the time.


What you can do to improve your chances of getting hired

Do your research

Research the company you’re applying to inside and out so that you can show them that you’re passionate about the work they deliver or the services they offer.

Come prepared with questions

Having questions to hand shows you’re pro-active and taking a wider interest. Asking questions such as ‘what is the work culture like here?’ can also aid you in figuring out whether the job role is right for you.

In house or agency

Weigh up the pros and cons of working in-house or agency side. There is no right or wrong answer to this as it is down to personal preference. But it’s noteworthy to consider the different progression routes and workloads both have to offer.

Be proactive

Search for internships/work experiences prior to applying for a full-time job. This will boost your CV and cover letter and enable you to be a stand-out candidate.

Make sure your covering letter matches the job role

List out all the key skills, qualities, and requirements that the job description specifies and mention them in your CV, this will help get your resume noticed and all the boxes can be ticked that the recruiter is searching for. Most of all – no typos. If you are applying for a communications role attention to detail is key!


It was great to host our first #OpenHouse event of the year and we have more to come! We have a bumper year of events coming up this year, so make sure you sign up to our mailing list and be the first to know about our next event!

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